This Is Not Good

In 2016, Trump looked around and saw an America fraying at the edges and splitting apart at the middle. He said, “This is good.” With the help of advisors who understood that America was ripe for a demagogue, he sold a glorified return to American 1950’s social and political hegemony. Those on the right who felt politically disenfranchised and abandoned by the American dream, drank the cool-aid, after all, entitlement is an equal-opportunity resentment. Empowered by the internet, everyone now had a voice in the cultural free-for-all in which America now tumbles downhill. Trump, the nation’s leading troll, looked around at his burgeoning troop of acolytes, and said, “This is good.”

As America fell into a collective swoon of victimization, it gave rise to charlatans ready to place the blame elsewhere and, to their delight, profit from it. Some have even received national accolades, traditionally reserved for cultural leaders and American heroes.

American institutions are not immune to the assault. One of the nation’s most revered services, the USPS, formulated by the framers of the constitution as a vehicle to strengthen ties between the states, has been undermined by Trump as he seeks to tilt the election in his favor. A Trump shill ordered work hours cut and automation diminished so that mail delivery slowed in advance of the November election. In addition, the once-proud internationally revered C.D.C. sought to formulate a defense to the rapidly spreading Covid-19 pandemic only to have its message muddied by the White House, even as the death toll passed 150,000 lives. Trump looked around and said, “This is good.”

During the past four years of his administration, Trump has continually denied collusion with the Russians in the run up to the 2016 presidential election. Recently, a G.O.P.-led Senate panel detailed Russian involvement in that election and delivered a bipartisan Senate imprimatur for an extraordinary set of facts: The Russian government disrupted an American election to help Mr. Trump become president, Russian intelligence services viewed members of the Trump campaign as easily manipulated, and some of Mr. Trump’s advisers were eager for the help from an American adversary. Such sordid goings-on when presented to him four years ago pleased him to which he said, “This is good.”

This is in Bas-Relief to the conviction and execution of Americans Julius and Ethel Rosenberg for Russian spying in 1950s. The United States maintained such high ideals then.

What happened?

Trump happened.

It’s time to look around and see this is not good.

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