The Ugly American

When two extremes pull against the other, the middle splits into two. So has America. It was inevitable given that president Trump provides the knife at every turn to sheer the fabric of America. His tactics are textbook tyranny — foment unrest and then call for “law and order,” thus becoming the strongman that fearful people seek for protection. This ugly tactic was on full display during last week’s RNC convention when Trump and his two angry mice of sons inveighed a siege mentality, seeing menace everywhere and foretelling of calamity. This apocalyptic theme was reinforced by the third member of Trump’s angry mice, Representative Matt Goetz, who assured listeners the Democrats want to “disarm you, empty the prisons, lock you in your home and invite MS-13 to live next door.” (I’m a Democrat and do not know at MS-13 members and frankly, am more fearful of Trump and his strongmen.”

It used to be that all Americans had more or less the same vision for their country — liberty, prosperity and peace — ideals everyone held high. But something happened, a few people wanted more prosperity than others and rigged the politics and laws to shift the wealth of this country into the hands of the few, rendering liberty and peace unequal parts of the equation. When many people began to feel shorted the powers-to-be- began to tell us the economy was a zero sum game, and that the dwindling middle-class income was being siphoned off by society’s freeloaders and immigrant interlopers. Thus, began the culture wars which is now stirred by trump and his ilk who seek to turn all politics into a “us vs. them.”

As the captain of chaos, Trump wants to be the arsonist and the fire department; the burglar and the police; and the denominator to a country ripe for cleaving to advance his stranglehold on the country ands its institutions.

Trumpian chaos is designed to rip the country apart. As New York Times columnist David Brooks wrote, “(His) chaos justifies and magnifies the woke mobs on the left. Woke mobs magnify and justify Trumpian authoritarianism on the right. The upshot of this mean world war is the obliteration of normal politics, the hollowing out of the center and the degradation of public morality.”

Yes, it’s very ugly and orchestrated by a very ugly American.

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