Hope Vs. Misery

Misery loves company and now misery is gone.

The most miserable U.S. President ever, if not human being, has been thrown out of office by the people of that country hungry for hope, replacing him with former Vice President and Democratic candidate, Joe Biden.

President Trump marked his tenure with vitriol and belittlement towards anyone who disagreed with him, and traded in fear and division to maintain power. He painted a landscape of despair with his two favorite hues, disparagement and doubt.

Trump’s success, if you could call it that, had been his ability to create a narrative that bent reality to his thinking. If pundits were critical of him for policy failures he simply determined them to be prevaricators and purveyors of fake news. Science became anathema to him and venerated scientists enemies to be discredited. Astoundingly, his followers went along with this alternative universe. It is not coincidence that his chief advisor, Kelly Ann Conway, early in his tenure coined the term, “alternative facts” when disputing the truth. These governing traits are hallmarks of dictators, tyrants, and cult leaders. Trump claimed all three titles.

If Trump were an inner-city indigent and displayed such aberrant psychology, he would be under heavy medication, But as president with enormous power, he collected sycophants and followers in increasing numbers creating a “Trumpist” movement who proselytized his lies till they became gospel. If enough people believe something, however outrageous, it becomes religion.

A fair presidential election supervised by state election officials representing both Democrats and Republicans certified Biden’s victory. But in line with Trump’s narcissist and paranoid profile, he labeled the election stolen to make it square with his inability to ever be wrong or rejected. And on cue, his followers and sycophants cry foul.

What else did we expect from the most miserable president in U.S. history. Because of an overwhelming majority, misery is gone and his company will have to carry on without him. In the meantime we now have a president who does not require medication and whose message is hope.

Ironic moment: Trump claimed he would fire Dr. Anthony Fauci, but Fauci and his followers fired him.

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