The Incredibly Shrinking President

Some people, through their accomplishments, strike a larger than life persona. The magnanimity of their deeds seem to rise above others. We stand in awe of those men and women.

In contrast there are some people, who through the depth of their pettiness appear so small that they look like someone screaming at the bottom of a canyon whose voice is only faintly heard.

As Trump continues to protest the 2020 presidential election with the claim he was the victim of massive vote fraud — without a shred of evidence —he increasingly marginalizes himself until he becomes as trivialized as the doomsday prophet carrying a sign who has jumped into the street stopping traffic. Fortunately, after January 22, he will no longer be a roadblock to democracy.

In a recent press conference, he said: “If the media were honest and big tech was fair this wouldn’t even be a contest and I would have won by a tremendous amount. And I did win by a tremendous amount, but it hasn’t been reported yet.”

How do you ignore a paranoid president who believes the country has conspired against him to deprive him of a second term. What you can’t ignore is the fact that his public tantrum displaying his inability to handle defeat singularly proves that he is not fit for another four years.

With his focus on frivolous court cases during the worst pandemic in the country’s history while a growing number of the jobless are begging for funds on GoFundMe, he more than ever demonstrates that he has skin as thin as cellophane and a soul of noxious gas. The hot air of his exhales alone are enough to match the methane produced by cows.

Rumors are that after he finally concedes, he will start or team up with a far-right media company to continue serving up conspiracy theories to his following. Think of its platform as a mix between The Twilight Zone meets real-life sanitarium.

It should be easy for him to assume this role as the person who could best be described as his predecessor, Alex Jones, has been removed from his platform for fraud.

Of course, Trump may not be available as well, as there are number of civil and criminal suits awaiting him after he leaves office, which could result in him serving time.

The only remnants of his failed presidency will be found in his presidential library, which for all his letters and accomplishments, will more than likely be housed in a “Pods” storage unit. And half of that space will be taken up by his golf clubs.

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