The Art of the Fleece

Society has traditionally set up safeguards to protect the intellectually deficient among its ranks. The main reason is that people with insufficient intellect can be duped easily and become marks for con artists and scammers seeking to rip them off.

The same can be said for a certain population of the Republican Party who believe, despite not one shred of evidence, that President Trump lost reelection because the process was rigged. As President Trump continues to whine that Democrats stole the election, his loyal followers stand in lockstep to echo his sentiments. It is impossible to follow the logic for such a complaint because there is none. Trump has vilified Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and his Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, both Republicans, who stand mortified against charges by Trump that have somehow allowed the vote in their state to be manipulated to favor President-elect, Joe Biden. Let me repeat both Georgia officials are Republican, who to their credit honor the United States voting process.

It’s more than sad that Trump, for whatever his emotional deficiencies, cannot accept defeat — it’s dangerous and reckless. Gabriel Sterling, an official with the Georgia Secretary of State said that during his office’s certification of the election, a number of officials overseeing the state’s recount were harassed and received death threats.

He had strong words for President Trump and other top Republican leaders who continues to attack Georgia’s election system.

“Someone’s going to get hurt, someone’s going to get shot, someone’s going to get killed,” he said. “It’s not right.”

Back to the those being duped: As the putative leader of his country, the president has a responsibility to guide his people with sound judgment and temperament. Among his moral obligations is to make sure that he protects the best interest of those who have difficulty connecting the dots and not rile them up with baseless conspiracy theories. And if you don’t think these same folks are not being fleeced, then look no further than President Trump’s fundraising to finance his failed legal efforts to overturn the November 3, election in states that he lost. He has raised over $250 million as of December 1, from his constituency but many do not know that only 40 percent goes to pay for his court battles, the rest goes to his political PAC, which he can use without discretion including paying legal fees for the many lawsuits that await him after he leaves office.

Trump’s tactic’s are not much different than being pickpocketed which requires a distraction to be successful. Trump knows he has only a small window to use his protestations over the election to con his followers. You would think that after four years they would now know how the flim-flam works.

But some people cannot connect the dots no matter how obvious.

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