The Political Vaudeville of Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene

Occasionally, an irony too good to be true is dropped in my lap. Such irony, I believe, cannot happen by chance but can only be caused by an under-functioning cerebral cortex.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, the U.S. Representative from Georgia’s 14th Congressional District, who does everything she possibly can to prove that lack of intelligence and serving in Congress are not mutually exclusive, objected to Katanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court nomination by accusing her of going easy in her sentencing of pedophiles when she served as a federal judge. Although fact checkers and conservative legal experts showed that Jackson’s sentencing practices for child abuse image offenders were in the mainstream for federal judges, Taylor continued to rant her objections, because she lives in an echo chamber whose walls are impenetrable to facts.

What makes this an even more likely script for the theater of the absurd, is that Ms Greene has been appearing at rallies (think give-me-something-to-bitch-about HOA meetings) around the country with her congressional colleague, blues brother look-a-like, Matt Gaetz. Appearing in such thriving Florida I-10 rest-stop communities as Crestview and Milton where every TV in local Waffle Houses and barbershops are tuned to Fox News, the barnstorming pair (sans top hat and cane) propose to expose all the RINOs in the Republican Party who oppose the “America First” movement. Appearing in such small towns under the imprimatur of “America First,” they represent a mini-me version of former president Trump’s on-going populist rallies where he has reportedly raised a war chest of $100 million since leaving office. Green and Gaetz can hardly hope to dent such largess as they grift the salaries of Wal-Mart employees and low-income retirees.

If they were comedians they would be playing on the penurious Holiday Inn comedy circuit, and, maybe, they are playing for laughs. Last month, Ms Greene referred to the Gestapo as the Gazpacho police, so who knows.

But back to the irony that has been dropped in our lap. In light of Ms. Greene’s tirade over Ms. Jackson’s nomination due to her “protecting pedophiles,” has she forgotten that the U.S. Justice Department is investigating her sidekick for alledgedly having sex with a minor and sex trafficking? Or as a bona-fide supporter of Q-Anon, whose major conspiracy theory is that liberals are running a vast pedophile ring, has she given her partner-in-grift, a pass?

Is the irony lost on her? Or can it be she has no grasp of such intellectual concepts as her brain is locked in a binary world of black and white from where irony, paradox, and nuance are exiled.

Nonetheless, I hope the Gaetz/Greene act appears soon in my town. I can use a good laugh, and when they pass the hat to help “Make America Great,” I will put in a lump of coal and say, “There, I have.”

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