Rolling the Dice with Democracy

Democracy is a noble idea. But in the epoch of Trump, it is but an obstacle to an authoritarian world view.

Republicans have become captive to their populist standard-bearer, Donald Trump, who promotes a homogeneous United States, where “patriots” must stand brave against the onslaught liberal policies that seek to create diversity and political “wokeness” to insure equality for its members. Tapping into racial and economic fears as well as effeteness of his mostly white followers, Trump’s populism goads them to believe that instead of being victims, they are stronger, smarter, and have a deeper love of America in their hearts — and who must defeat the corrupt elite.

A master stroke of rhetorical manipulation from a man who sees himself as victim, a role that has rendered him immoral if not manic in his attempt to seek absolute power. The American populism he promotes is a projection of his wounds and sense of victimization that began with the humiliation he suffered at the hands of his father.

The disenfranchised of this country are the perfect target for the pied piper’s call to identify with his persecution complex at the hands of lawmakers and media.

Trump’s greed is unparalleled, and his need for power nothing more than a means to that end.

He used his 2020 presidential camping to bilk millions from unsuspected donors through deceptive campaign money-raising tactics, of which he was forced to refund.

Current email solicitations for donations to his PAC promise 10x matches, resembling ads from casinos promoting their craps tables.

To outsiders, it is a staggering but sad joke he plays upon his followers. True Christian believers stay clear of the man fearing that if the wrath of God were to be unleashed on the unrighteous and moneychangers, Trump would be the first to be smited.

He fabricates crisis at every turn, a necessary tactic in his playbook to keep the public on guard against the “enemies of this country,” who, of course, are the media and its Democratic protectorates who seek to keep public servants accountable.

And once again playing to fears of the collective consciousness of his followers — drawn from the shadows of his own childhood — Trump presents a binary view of strength vs. weakness, one that plays to a conservative and traditional gendered narrative that appeals to evangelicals, and every boy called “sissy” by his father. He contrasts his hypermasculinity to the Democrat’s enlightened masculinity, which he portrays as weak ands feminine. Is it any wonder the neo-fascist Proud Boys rank among his supporters?

A democratic vision for the U.S. may be messy but it is not endorsed by Methuselah and is the best protection against madman subverting the will of its people.


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