Madman of Mar-A-Lago

Donald Trump is a collapsing star at the center of American politics. Much like a black hole that sucks into oblivion everything near it, Trump’s inevitable implosion, governed by an equally dispassionate force, will attempt to do the same. His destructive actions care nothing about what’s around him. This country’s venerable institutions and governmental agencies mandated by law and the constitution, will be sucked in the vortex of his anger and vindictiveness as he seeks to bend the will of the country to his.

But I’m beating my chest in righteous futility, as if there is some moral code that clearly places Trump on the wrong side of the Karmic balance sheet. Our destiny as a country is beyond any guidance of rectitude. Rather, what is now right is found in the eyes of the beholder whose views are shaped by external messaging that instills intractable grievances within its believers.

Trump and his mouthpieces have done just that and are willing to take down the United States and its institutions to get their way. Trump and his followers have struck a devil’s bargain: Give him absolute power without ever questioning him, and he will convey to his followers all the boogeymen they need to slay in order to feel safe and empowered.

Currently, those boogeymen are the FBI and Justice Department, whom he recently called “vicious monsters, controlled by radical-left scoundrels, lawyers and the media, who tell them what to do.”

Fifty years ago, blacks fighting to free themselves from oppression were seen as enemies of the FBI and Justice Department as those institutions represented the white status-quo. Now Trump is claiming he is equally vilified and victimized as he seeks to overturn the status quo. But theirs was a fight for equality and dignity while his is a vendetta for power and authoritarian rule.

The fact that Trump hoarded nuclear secrets at Mar-A-Lago, reveals a perverse play to wield presidential power after losing in 2020. Is it unrealistic to believe his subversive strategy was to leverage those secrets in a sinister way to wedge his way back into power?

Trump refuses to go gently into the night. Instead he abuses his post- presidential powers to remain on the political scene while wrapped in his delusions believing the Democrats robbed him of the election.

The Justice Department’s raid on Mar-A-Lago has proven not to be a fishing expedition, but the first steps to determine if Trump has broken the law. The United States, by virtue of the power invested into it by its people — the majority who voted for the lawfully elected president — is taking action against what it perceives as a clear and present danger.

There are many in this country who have no intention of being sucked into Trump’s abyss.


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