Putin and Uncertainty

Poets, witters, and philosophers confront the frailty of the human condition with words and thoughts, understanding that they cannot significantly change it, but can only seek to come to terms with its uncertainty.

Madmen, alternatively, seek to bend the uncertainty to their will. Bombs and bullets violently take the place of words and thoughts, leaving chaos, death and destruction, in place of an acceptance of fate and destiny. Too often, madmen attempt to own destiny not having learned it cannot be owned by anyone.

Putin, like HItler, and other tyrants, believe history is to be made by them, not knowing that history unfailingly reserves its judgement posthumously.

The Ukraine war slogs on as Putin employs more extreme ways to achieve his perverted desire to annex that country to Russia. As he flails among his failures, he has hinted he may resort to nuclear force. Madmen, like to double down, until they are broke leaving a trail of destruction.

“Ultimately” said Elie Weisel, “the only power to which man should aspire is that which he exercises over himself.”

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