The End Days of the Mad King

As we approach the end days of the mad king, the king grows more desperate in his claims, like a cornered man shooting at anything that moves.

Besieged at every turn of his TV dial, President Trump sees his poll numbers sink as well as books and interviews questioning his intellect, morals, and character. And bereft of anything to shore them up, the troller-in-chief resorts to the only strategy he knows — lie and and point the finger elsewhere.

Forget for a moment that this strategy actually gained him access to the White House. Yet, we all knew at some point the jig had to come up short if for no other reason what the adage from his political and moral antithesis, Abraham Lincoln, has proven time and again. “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”

President Trump has shown to be a one-trick pony and his act has grown tired even if it took longer than we thought to wear out its welcome. It now seems brutally evident that his appeal seemed to attract those political indigents who believed they had nothing to lose. The only reason he has any political legs left is that they appear to be exempt from the above adage. There will always be those who for some reason enjoy being duped or identify with his thinly-veiled victim/martyr complex no matter the costs. As far as his feckless apologists who also serve as senators and representatives, its amazing they can still walk upright having lost their spines.

President Trump has not been completely useless: he has drawn the shadow of racism from within the national consciousness like puss from an infection. Unfortunately, he knows not how to heal when confronted with injury nor offer succor to the hurt and oppressed. Compassion and empathy are flowers that do not bloom in the desert of his soul. His arsenal is acid and acrimony; bombast and bigotry. His anemic and apathetic response to the pandemic has not only bordered on callousness, but also demonstrated his abhorrence of science and common sense since the only savvy he possesses is that of a snake oil salesman.

He holds not one crumb of creativity nor any singular idea. His MO is to twist the innovative into the radical; portray peaceful protest as anarchy. He must paint everything as threatening and dark because only then the fearful can be manipulated to turn against its principles. Trump is the allegory in the classic “Twilight Zone” episode, Monsters on Maple Street.

Mercifully, as we reach the end of his four years serving as the imposter president he has burned every bridge leading over the Potomac into Washington and sits in a White House growing more alienated and alone. The absurdity of his words and actions during the Covid pandemic and the BLM movement have bent back upon him reducing him to contradiction and a cipher. Blame, name calling, and criticism add nothing to the human condition but only diminish it.

In a recent Fox News interview with Chris Wallace, President Trump berated the network for reporting polls that indicate him trailing the democratic nominee, Joe Biden, by double digits. “People should stop watching your channel!” he railed, once again demonstrating, like a snake, he is perfectly comfortable eating his own tail given that Fox is the only network that has reliably supported his administration. In that same interview he referred to World War I and II as both “beautiful” and “vicious.” I believe he’s confused world wars with women he has known.

The Telegraph recently published the Seven Ways Trump is like King Lear. We only need one -— that he is mad.

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